Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Everyday Joys

 Liam's first t-ball game.

The cutest spectator there. 

Ammon's officially outgrown his bouncy chair.  How adorable are those cheeks and lashes? 

Everyone received citizenship awards at school...proud mama. 

 In between assemblies I dropped Liam off at Joy School.  It was dress up day.

 Sariah's first baseball game.


 This boy is soaking wet with slobber 100% of the time.  We're awaiting those teeth to appear any day.

Snuggle time with Grammy 

Playing with the self portrait feature on mom's phone. 

Ready for bed 

Ready for scriptures, waiting on the girls.  Love my fellas! 

 Oh laundry...Ammon was really fussy while I was attempting to get a handle on the laundry.  I laid him down to switch a load and he fell fast asleep.  That's how we knew we could put him to bed awake at night!

 While not so joyful, Seth cracked his head open again.  This makes the third gash.  He had a huge bruise as well from another incident with the silverware drawer.  Ben wanted to go to the ER.  I wanted to rely on the trusty steri-strips.  We sent this pic to Grammy for a second opinion.  I won...I should pay myself $100 bucks every time we avoid the ER.

 Dinner with good friends

 The Farleys came by for an afternoon on their way through town.

 Everyone picked right up where they left off.

 Liam is a wiz with my phone.  I find lots of pictures and video messages from him in my camera.

First swing for Ammon.

 Chewing on the hands.

More self portraits from Liam.

Making cookies with Daddy.

It's a pretty great life.

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