Monday, April 23, 2012


 Dying eggs at 9:00 Saturday night.  We work better under pressure.  Truth be told, I wanted to go shopping for matching Easter ensembles rather than dye eggs, but the kids couldn't stand the thought of not leaving corored eggs for the bunny.  

Ben, while generally never ever excited at the prospect of any kind of craft activity, was the one who pushed me to stick with tradition...well, the egg dying tradition anyway, not the matching outfits for Easter Sunday tradition.  He was on baby bath duty while the kiddletts and I did the eggs.

This year the Easter bunny left string ALL over our house.  The kids had to find their notes then follow their strings to find their basket.  Way fun!

This girl was up WAY too late waiting for the bunny to arrive. ;)

Waiting to see what the bunny left.  Don't mind the shoes and pile of dirty laundry's just how we roll.

Found his basket in the office.

Her's was in the pantry.

Under the dining room table.

Behind the piano.

And in the butler pantry.

We had a great day at church.  Well, getting there was a little more rough than usual.  Ben left early with Eli and Sariah so he could go get set up for choir.  I was running much later than usual and then after packing everyone up, could not find the car keys!!!  I texted Ben only to find that he left his phone at home.  After looking for 10 minutes or so, I resigned myself to the fact that we would likely miss Sacrament Meeting (Meilani and I were both supposed to sing with the choir).  In a huff, I rhetorically said to Liam and Seth, "Where are Mommy's keys?!!?"  Seth, pointing with enthusiasm and a look like "Why didn't you ask in the first place," said "Keys outside."  I unbuckled him and he took off running to the front yard, retrieved the keys from the door of the big van, where I'm sure he'd put them earlier that morning, and brought them to me.  At 9:25 we were finally on our way to 9:00 am church.

Church was good.  Singing in the choir helped improve my mood and the anger and frustration I felt from our morning debacle soon melted away as I felt the Spirit and was reminded of our Savior's sacrifice.  I remembered that these little life annoyances really don't matter in the grand scheme of things.  How grateful I am for Jesus Christ who died for our sins that we can repent and live as eternal families in the life to come.

So we're not matching, but we do sure love each other.  

Our sweet baby.  He's growing up too too fast.

Ben, the sweetie he is, knowing I'd want a family picture, didn't let the kids get changed out of their church clothes until I made it home from church.  It took a minute to gather everyone and when I finally tracked down Sariah, this is what she looked like.

My fru-fru tomboy.  She was not excited about the ruffle dress, but we struk a compramise the week before.  She did not wear sport socks and tennis shoes to church, for the record!

Waiting to hunt for eggs that Grammy brought.

Seth, teaching Ammon the ropes.

Glad I got the family picture before the kids chose their own outfits!

Sami, the son of some of our good friends came over for dinner as his parents were out of the country.  The kids had fun playing with him.  My side of the family came for dinner too.  

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