Friday, March 16, 2012

Liam's 5!

Liam turned 5!  Our blond haired blue eyed boy keeps growing despite my requests for him to stop.  He thinks it's pretty funny when I tell him to stop growing, seemingly proud of himself for getting bigger.  I love this boy.  He is strong willed, very opinionated, and extremely social.  He's motivated by play dates and video games and loves watching movies.  He's quite the typical male when it comes to technology.  We recently hooked up a roku box upstairs and he regularly goes and gets it and hooks it up downstairs all by himself so he can watch something on the downstairs TV.  I think he can work my iphone better than I can. He's very excited for Kindergarten and was so brave during his shots and blood work this past week.  Secretly, I'm going to really miss him when he goes to real school.  He's become quite the helper with his younger brothers at home and his squishable cheeks are still irresistible.  Still in the 95 percentile for height and weight, he's our big boy, quite literally.  I think sometimes people expect him to act older because he looks older.  I sometimes have to remind myself too, that he's still little.  Oh how we love our Liam!  

Celebrating at Joy School with cupcakes.  Love that dimple!


With his friends.

 Ammon watching from the sidelines.

 Seth helping big brother celebrate.

Me and my little boys.  I know I'm going to treasure this picture some day remembering our days together.  I sure love these fellas!

 The February birthdays, Mutti, Sammy, Eli and Liam.  Seth just loves to pose for pictures.

 We had a family dinner to celebrate.  Our schedule's been packed, so Liam will have a friend party soon, but I didn't want get behind in my blogging waiting until then to post about his birthday.

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