Friday, March 2, 2012

Eli's 9!

Eli turned 9!  Our boy is growing up!  He is an incredible big brother, a kind friend, and a generally thoughtful boy.  He loves legos and Harry Potter.  Actually I think Eli and Harry have similar personalities which is why I think he's so drawn to the books.  Ben's been reading them to him for quite a while now.  I'm so glad that Eli is our oldest son.  He's such a good example for his younger siblings to follow.  He works hard to choose the right and is eager to please.  He's sort of settled into his big brother role lately, playing with and helping the younger kids much more.  He's still the first to share and maintains a quiet confidence about him.  We love him so much!  

On his actual birthday Eli chose ravioli for dinner. 

We went to Red Robin with Papaw, Auntie Lisa, Grandmom, and Titi for a birthday lunch one Saturday. 

Eli was over the moon about the Harry Potter night bus.  My mantel has become a lego display as of late. 

Eli had a bunch of church friends over for a movie night.  I realized at the end of the night that I forgot to pop the popcorn!  Luckily Eli didn't mind the oversight. 

Eli didn't like the popcorn cupcakes at Meilani's party, so we went with plain ones for him.  Kids are easy to please. 

Eli and his friends.

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