Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Meilani's 11!

Meilani turned 11!  I'm really excited for her.  She's growing and maturing and enjoying some of the privileges that come with getting older.  She's looking forward to entering the Young Women's program at church next year (I can't wait too!), and is quite the spectacular young lady.  She's mature beyond her years!  Her teacher at school comments regularly about what a hard worker she is.  And it's true.  She's also very sensitive to the feelings of those around her.  As her mother, it's an amazing experience to watch Meilani's talents unfold in her life.  I remember when I was her age, and in hindsight, I feel like I was already me at that age.  It's a weird thought that in a sense, my parenting is already done.  She is already who she's going to be.  It makes me realize how important the young years of childhood are.  Luckily for us, Meilani has an obedient spirit and is such a blessing in our family.  She sets a great example for her siblings to look to.  I can't wait to see what life has in store for my girl!

Signs and streamers welcoming our birthday girl downstairs. 

 She woke up early and asked me to curl her hair.  That made my day!  She took cookies and juice to school to celebrate with her class.

She ordered beef stew for dinner on her actual birthday.  We each shared what we love about Meilani.  I should have written down what the kids said, because I can't remember it now, but I had tears in my eyes, so thankful that my kids genuinely love one another. 

The whole fam came out for Sunday dinner. 

The January birthday girls. 

 I love this picture of my mom!  She's so beautiful!

Meg and Jared.  Jared kept closing his eyes when I tried to take the picture.  This was the final attempt.  Meg opened her eyes extra big to help him out! 

Mutti, Auntie, and the birthday girl. 

She's almost as tall as me.  Oh dear.   

Papaw and Ammon, the chunk. 

 Ben, Seth, and Eli

Meilani asked for basketball clothes from everyone.

Me and Sariah. 

Some intense wishing!  I'm sure she was wishing for her toe to heal quickly.  She broke it just before her first basketball game and was quite distraught to miss the game and a bit of practice.

Grandmom and her candle blowing helper. 

Me lovin' on my sweet baby.  He is perfect!

Meilani had a movie party with 17 of her closest friends.  She's quite the social butterfly.  She didn't want to leave anyone out.  I can't imagine where she gets that? 

Titi and Gramy made these "popcorn" cupcakes out of marshmallows. 

Staying with the popcorn theme, Meilani did her science fair project recently on whether the storage of temperature of popcorn affects it's popping.  It does.

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Farley Smiles said...

She looks so grown up! Didn't they just get baptized last week?!!! I LOL when I read the part about not wanting to leave anyone out!