Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Day at the Farm

Last week I took our Joy School class to visit a farm.  They've been learning about the earth and nature so we went to meet some animals.  A friend of mine from church runs a rescue farm nearby, so we went and met goats, chickens, bunnies, dogs, ducks, a pig, and even some turkeys!  It was a blast!

I wasn't home when Liam told Dad about his day at the farm, so when I returned home after the kids were in bed, Ben questioned me about Liam petting a turkey.  He assumed that they just saw turkeys and that Liam was exaggerating about getting to pet one.  Liam was telling the truth!  This turkey, named Kona, was like a dog!  He followed us all around the farm and loved to be pet.  It was amazing to see a big bird so up close!

This is Abe, a really old goat recently rescued from an elderly lady.  He was very friendly too and kept nudging us for some attention.

Having a "celebration" with the fall leaves.

The kids with our tour guide, Christine.

Emma, a rare breed of herding dog.  She loved the kids.  They loved her back.

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