Monday, October 24, 2011

Fun Fair

Two weeks ago we went to a little carnival at Ben's school.  His students and their parents love to check us out, so we try to go to some of the family friendly events they have.  I don't really enjoy being on display, but I imagine that knowing we have nearly six kids, the parents wonder how Ben is as a dad, and are curious about our family.  The first time we went to an activity last year, people commented over and over again on how I looked.  I think they were expecting me to be really dowdy in a long floral frock or something.  This time, as we were leaving, one of the mothers stopped me to ask if there was another baby, gesturing to her belly.  I resisted the urge to say "no, I have a tumor."  After taking a head count of the kids she said she hoped I would have twins this time so that I would want to close my womb.  Um, random!  I smiled politely and we left.  We went to Sweet Tomato's for dinner afterwards.  Aside from the one strange woman's comment, it was a very pleasant evening.

Ben and Sethie groovin' to the cake walk music.
Ben's secretaries gave him a bunch of game tickets for "boss's day."  I was so thankful for the kind gesture because I was not looking forward to spending a bunch of cash.

Seth playing ring toss.

Liam, trying his hand at the bean bag toss.

Eli in the cake walk.  It's very intense walking from number to number you know.

Sariah, equally as focused.
Meilani took off as soon as we gave her her tickets, hence the lack of picture.


Katie said...

So sorry about that rude lady's comment...if she knew what an awesome Mom you are and how lucky all your children are to have you, she wouldn't have made that comment! Some people!

Stephanie said...

What a rude woman. Person. I feel sorry for her kids and I don't even know her. You are an amazing woman with all kinds of talent and I know you are a great mom. Your kids are better off because of you and Ben. I love your Halloween costumes, by the way. You are so stinking creative!