Saturday, August 13, 2011

Season Pass

This summer we had season passes to Great America which also gave us free access to Gilroy Gardens, which is an amusement park geared for the younger set, and a water park inside Great America.  The day we went to Gilroy Gardens we got a very late start, sat in parking lot traffic, and drove what felt like forever to get there.  I was tired and ready to go home before we even got out of the car.  Ben was still working summer school and graciously agreed to make the trek all the way out to Gilroy after he got off work to help me survive the day.  His coworkers thought he was crazy but I appreciated so much his willingness to waste gas money and a whole evening to himself to come rescue me!  We ended up having a fun day together, topped off with some pizza for dinner.

Train ride.

Seth's first ride all by himself.  He loved it!

Liam did too.

These "big kids" were troopers, tolerating all the baby rides in great spirits.

Sariah was in kind of a bind.  She wasn't allowed on the little roller coasters without an adult but was too big for the kiddie rides.  Here she is telling me she's "too big" for the fire engine ride.  Ben's arrival made things much easier.
I got to sit and take pictures while he rode the rides with the kids!  Yay!

Another day we planned to spend the whole day at the Great America water park, but, when we got there, the high 80's weather was actually cool, breezy, mid 70's weather, and due to a broken water pump, the major water slides were all shut down.  Only two smaller ones were open, ones Sariah wasn't tall enough for, of course.  The kids did have fun in the wave pool, and I enjoyed reading a magazine in the shade while Seth napped a little.  

Sariah, so sad she was just centimeters too short for the water slide.  Oh well, you can't win 'em all.

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