Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Why I LOVE Summer

A couple of people have asked me recently if I do any workbooks or academic studies with the kids in the summer so that they don't regress in school. Um....NO! Summer is my time! Okay, okay, I do make them read, but really, to me, summer is a gift. It's time for staying up late, sleeping in, watching too much TV (trying to get that one in check!), playing hard, and enjoying time together as a family. It's schedule-free time at our house. Now we do try to keep some semblance of order at home, but I've been known to leave the kitchen in despair because the pool, or park, or whatever, is calling my name. Dishes can wait, memories can't.

Yay for fairy houses! The girls made this a few weeks ago. One morning Liam and Sariah swore the fairies must have had a bbq in the night because they could still smell it. Tonight Sariah lost another tooth and is sure the tooth fairy will check out the comfy accommodations we have. We shall see!

Making homemade ice cream in ziploc baggies. Very yummy.

Catching up with good friends

We helped host a baby shower last week. Fun-care-free-lazy-mom left for a day so that mean-witchy-cleaning mom could arrive on scene to clean the carpets and house before the party. The kids were complaining to Ben when he got home that I'd made them clean all day long, and they were correct indeed. See, balance I tell you! We did head to the pool and out for dinner so the carpets could dry without little feet on them. I don't think we got home until 9:00 pm. Ahhhh, summer, I love you!

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Amy Nielson said...

Hey, I know Gina!! Small world! She used to live here in Fresno and was good friends with my best friend. How exciting that she is having a baby!