Sunday, July 17, 2011


Last week we went geocaching for the second time ever. We were much more successful this time around. Geocaching is basically a little treasure hunt, using a gps system, to find canisters people have hidden. There are quite a few around our little town. I like it because it's free (I did spring for the $10 app on my phone which was incredibly more helpful than the free version), you can do it basically anywhere, it gets us outside, and it's fun! Ben's not such a fan of tromping through bushes to find hidden boxes, so I think this will be an activity we do while he's at work.

Sariah made the first find.

These three picked trinkets from the canister and we left stickers.

Meilani made the second find before I was even out of the car!

We snapped a few pics at the second site.

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Katie said...

You have such a cute family :) I love the picture at the bottom with all the kids smiling and looking at the camera! Good job Mommy!