Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sariah's Birthday

Sariah turned 6 way back in April, but with Spring Break, the nasty flu bug, and the general busyness of the end of the school year, we didn't get around to celebrating with her friends until a couple weeks ago. Lucky for me, Sariah didn't care. She actually really enjoyed her thrown together, day-time summer bash, and I'm forever grateful for awesome friends who are willing to send their kids over with no advanced notice! Sariah has changed so much this year. She is quite the comedian around our house and gets everyone laughing with her giggle fits. She finds the joy and fun in every situation and is very affectionate and mellow (which is surprising for our feisty girl!) when we're alone with her. We sure love the spice she adds to our home!

Here's 10 fun facts about Sariah:

1. Her favorite color is blue.
2. She loves to eat mac & cheese and smoothies.
3. She wants to be a rock star when she grows up.
4. Her favorite playmate is her big brother Eli. Even her teacher commented on how much she looks up to him!
5. Sariah is awesome...not pretty, or beautiful, or gorgeous. When I compliment her in that way she insists I say she's awesome instead.
6. She's a rough and tumble girlie girl. She gets holes in the knees of her pants faster than any kid I've ever met, rolls her eyes at hair bows, but loves to don lipstick, perfume, and nail polish.
7. She loves being outside.
8. She can rarely find a matching pair of shoes.
9. She loves to read and be read to.
10. She's extremely athletic and competitive.

The kids' decorated their own butterfly cupcakes, (Idea from Family Fun)

played musical chairs,

had sack races,

decorated visors,

and had a silly string war.

Oh the simple pleasures of childhood!

The whole gang.

A while back we took Sariah to Great America by herself for her birthday outing. She spent most of the day in Daddy's arms as we waited in lines.

It was pretty cold but Sariah wanted to try out the water park anyway. It was a blast and so great to have our girl all to ourselves. We sure love her!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE THIS KID!! She is so much like me. lol. ;)


Beth's Blue Blog said...

how fun! sariah IS awesome. My J is the same way, she always says she doesn't want to look cute (like in an outfit), she wants to look awesome. :)