Friday, July 8, 2011

Blackberry Goodness

My in laws have blackberry bushes growing in their backyard. The day I planned to go pick it was raining torrentially, so I donned a garbage bag and braved the water falling from the sky in favor of some homemade blackberry, you can't beat free blackberries! I made jam for the first time, and Ben made a pie. They were both delish!

The deal was Meilani could sneak out of bed to help Ben and I once the little kids were all asleep. Meilani told Sariah stories and let her sleep in her bed so that she'd fall asleep quickly. Don't mind the fuzzy picture, the camera was on manual focus and Ben couldn't figure out why the pictures were coming out so blurry.

We made 14 jars of blackberry jam, and one beautiful pie. I felt so domestic!

Meilani was in charge of the pie decor.


Aren't they beautiful? It wasn't even hard to make! I had no idea! I think more jam is in our near future.


Sare said...

canning is so much fun! I did it for the first time last summer with a bunch of plums that were given to us. Score for you with blackberry jam! I wish we had some sort of fruit like that so I could make a bunch of Christmas gifts for the fam.

Fobert Family said...

Yum! Way to go! I love the pictures of Megan's wedding, they both look so happy. Everyone looks so cute in their pink and the flowers look so nice. I love the star gazer lilies, I had those in my bouquet. I wish we could make it out there this would be so fun to go swimming with your family. I'm not sure my kids would do the high dive though! None of the pools we go to out here have one. the pictures. I need to get my blog going again, I've been slacking. Love ya!