Monday, July 18, 2011

San Francisco

We went to visit Mimmie at the retirement center she's staying in temporarily while Tompa's out of town.

We made a stop at the Cable Car Museum. Ben's great, great grandfather, Albert Hart, was the very first cable car operator in San Francisco.

We had an early dinner at Mel's Drive In and polished off the shakes and fries in record time. We have a old picture from our dating days in this very booth!

Why here it is! My mom, my sister Meg, me, Ben, my brother Sean, our good friend Aaron and his girlfriend.

And here's another!
Ben, me, Ben's brother Aaron, Abby and Amy, Ben's friends from Ricks College, and Ben's youngest brother Jared. 1995, just before Ben left on his mission.
This booth must have our names written on it!!!

After dinner we stopped in Golden Gate Park to play.

I remember going down these very cement slides as a kid. Liam was the only one who went fast down them.

There was this big bouncy rope structure the kids loved.

Ben and Eli climbed to the top. It was really high!

Meilani wasn't quite as brave.

We finished off the day at Pollyann's for ice cream, then a drive down Ocean Beach.


Amy Nielson said...

Hey, I made it onto your blog!! :) Wow, that picture goes back a while doesn't it??? As I was reading through your post and saw the picture of you guys at Mel's, I thought that I remembered you guys taking us there when we were visiting and then there was the picture! How fun! Thanks for a little stroll down memory lane. :)

Katie said...

I had to laugh at the old dating pictures of you and Ben at Mel's Drive were obviously able to sit a little closer together back then for dinner lol! We're the same way's such a treat when the kids are all getting along well enough that Jason and I can actually sit together at Church or out to dinner :)

Beth's Blue Blog said...

love your perm, danelle! you guys are cute!