Thursday, July 7, 2011

Meg & Jared's Wedding

On Saturday, June 18th, my sister Megan married Jared Patterson in the Oakland Temple, for time and all eternity. Ben and I were able to be there in the temple with them to witness the eternal covenants they made to God and each other. The sealing ceremony was beautiful and the Spirit was very strong. It was truly a beautiful day! Congrats Meg and Jared!

To get ready for Titi's big day, we girls needed pedicures. We had to squeeze them in, but we had pretty toes in the end, and that's what matters!

Two days leading up to the wedding, my mom, aunt Linda, and I spent hours assembling the flower arrangements. Every surface in my mom's house was covered in flowers.

The happy couple, just coming out of the temple.

Both sides of the family

The cutest kids ever! They were so patient and well behaved considering the stress, chaos, and lack of sleep the few days leading up to the wedding.

Sadly, the only picture of Ben and I...who knew weddings were so busy for the family!

The fam

Meg was sneaky and ditched the white satin high heels in favor of the black and pink nike's.

The reception, pre-guests

Demonstrating my dress bustling ability!

Lafferty fam

My favorite pic of Meg, she looks so happy!

Mom and her baby

Seth thought he made a good MC.

Mom sharing a dance with her brother. It was so nice to have Uncle David and Anne there!

Off they go!

Heading to the honeymoon!


Farley Smiles said...

Maybe I'm just extra emotional right now, but the pictures made me cry! I can't wait to hear more about it the next time we talk and tell Megan Congratulations!

Pamela Scudder said...

Thank you Danelle, for such beautiful pictures, and sharing them all with us. I wish we could have been there with all of you. We were in thought. Beautiful families! So very happy for Megan.

The Rogers said...

IM so excited for Megan and Jared. I love the fact I was able to help them get their first place :) LOL. I love seeing them around the apartments they are a super cute together.