Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lost Tooth

Sariah lost her first tooth on May 20th. Here's the picture of it hanging by a thread. In the morning, Sariah was playing around instead of getting dressed and had her shirt in her teeth. To aid her in getting dressed more promptly, Meilani yanked the shirt out of her mouth, resulting in said loose tooth. At breakfast Meilani made Sariah a smoothie since Sariah refused to chew food. I thought the tooth was a few days from falling out, at least, but when she came home from school, it was barely hanging on. We met Ben for dinner since he had to work late that night, and the whole afternoon Sariah was very concerned that Daddy would yank her tooth out when he saw it. I reassured her that he wouldn't if she asked him not to. Ben quickly made a liar out of me though when he ripped the tooth from Sariah's mouth the second she showed him it was loose. It bled a bit, and Sariah was mad at Dad and me, and I was mad at Dad, but she was all smiles after the tooth fairy came with a dollar (in the very wee hours of the morning after Sariah came to our bed saying she couldn't find any money under her pillow ;) And so, we say goodbye to the perfect little Sariah smile. I hope her grown up teeth are as straight and beautiful as her baby teeth!

Just after uploading this post, while I was cleaning off the kitchen table, I found this picture/story Sariah did at school. I had to add it! "Wen I went to a resthront my dad puld my tooth awt. It wus bleeding a lot." Just in case you thought my telling of the story was an exaggeration.


April said...

HAHAHAHA!!!! That story is just great!!! I can even hear her saying those words. Poor Sariah!

benfobert said...

She's fine! I just can't stand seeing the teeth hanging like that...makes them stronger.