Thursday, May 26, 2011

Last week we went to a Science Extravaganza at Ben's old school. It was a lot of fun and the kids were excited to skip school in favor of a little field trip.

Checking out the turtle.

Bubble Station

Meilani had her own little tour guide which made her quite happy so that she didn't have to be slowed up by the "little kids."

Making goo

Microscope station

Seth was trying his hardest to follow suit but he couldn't quite match up his eyes to the microscope holes. He kept putting his cheeks on the eye pieces.

Seth loved the catapults, but didn't care to graph his results!

They had to add markers to the station because Eli's catapult was firing really far.

Scientist Seth

My "big" girl's not too cool yet to rock the animal headband. Phew.

Holding worms from the compost station.

Sariah was really fascinated with them.

Forrest, the kid's tour guide restored my faith in today's youth! He was so good with the kids. He got down on their level, was excited to take them to the next station, and really helped them to enjoy the experience. I hope my kids will grow up to be kind respectful youth!

Meilani and her own private tour guide. She's was quite happy to have some independence from her siblings.

On the way home, for some reason, Liam spread his goo all over his head. I sent him to take a bath when we got home, but the goo did not come off. I was preoccupied and didn't want to fight with him to pick the stuff out of his hair, so I let it dry and figured it would flake off like play-dough at that point. Um, no. It might as well have been super glue. I had to cut/pick it off his head and hair. It took forever, especially with all the screaming involved. Much worse than gum.

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