Monday, May 9, 2011


Easter kind of snuck up on me, as do most holidays. I'm such a procrastinator! You'd think the large pink displays I've walked past in the stores for the last month would have been a good clue for me to prepare, especially since we were feeding 25 people for dinner, but no, I scrambled at the last minute. I work better under pressure! We did have an enjoyable weekend, remembering our Savior, his sacrifice for us, and spending time with family. At church I'm the music teacher in Primary (the kids' class) and we've been learning "Did Jesus Really Live Again?" I made, what I think, is a really cool visual aid for the song (which you can see here if you're really interested), and so we've been singing it a lot at our house lately. A good reminder this Easter season.

Dying eggs with Grammy and Titi while Mom and Dad shopped for new suits for Dad.

Waiting to see what the Easter Bunny left.

Ready for the hunt.

Liam, hunting on the trampoline.

The pro.

Such intensity!

Pause for the camera.

Seth didn't quite know what to do and wanted to dig the eggs out of his bucket with his shovel. Auntie Lisa, Papaw and Titi made sure he got his fair share.

Unloading the loot.

Us, sans the matching attire. Maybe next year.

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Katie said...

Cute music poster! Very the family picture too :)