Thursday, April 7, 2011

I Pad - I Don'ts

Don't put your iPad on top of your car. Ever.

Last September Ben called me in a panic in the wee hours of the morning (okay, it was probably only 6 am, but it was still dark, so that constitutes wee to me). He could not find his iPad . . . his brand new, purchased by his district, iPad. He thought he might have driven off with it on the roof of his car and begged me to drive around town looking for it. I obliged but didn't find anything. Well, that is until it was finally light out. Then I drove again and found said iPad upside down in the far left lane on the major Parkway near out house. I ran into traffic in my pajamas like a lunatic. I was so excited at first, amazed I'd found it. Then my excitement was crushed when, upon flipping it over I saw the damage. See above. It was demolished. Ben felt so dumb and apologetically explained his predicament to the person at his work responsible for technology purchases. Fortunately for us, the iPad could be replaced. Phew. Sigh of relief.

Until . . . one tired, stressed out moment with screaming frazzled children in toe, Ben repeated the same mistake as described above. He put his iPad on the roof of the van as he loaded the kids in the car to take Eli to church for Scouts. Later in the evening, Ben was frantic, searching for his iPad. I laughed watching him search around the house, sure it must be "around here somewhere." When I finally looked up to see the anguish on his face, I offered to drive with him to see if he had in fact left iPad #2 on top of the car. Sadly, we found the bless-ed thing in the exact same spot, in the exact same lane, of the exact same Parkway as I had found the original iPad. This time, however, the screen was intact. Together we heaved a sigh of relief. My heart was aching for Ben, knowing how awful he felt. And while the usual nagging wife, berating words ran through my head, I managed to hold my tongue and only offer words of encouragement.

In the end, the iPad was damaged severely. To the tune of $475. We agreed we had to cough up the funds to fix it. Ben called Apple to arrange for the repairs, then took his iPad into our friendly neighborhood Apple Store where, they replaced his iPad for free. What!? That's what I said too. We don't know why. Or how. We only know that the little geeky Apple Store clerk was amazed, baffled, and curious that the iPad could be so badly damaged without the screen being broken. According to Ben, he showed it to virtually every employee in the store before he returned to Ben and said "We can get you a new one to take home now." Ben said great, asked about the charges, and the guy (who's going straight to heaven in my book) said there would be no charge, and the repair charges Ben authorized over the phone would time out in the system when the repair department didn't receive the damaged iPad in the mail. "We're not going to send the broken one in," he said. I questioned Ben up and down about why on earth they would do that. Ben said he wasn't going to stand around asking questions when they were offering him a replacement for free. I guess I can't argue there, although I guarantee that if I had been there, we'd have more answers! I'm imagining they must have a wall in the back of the Pleasanton Apple Store lined with broken iPads, each with a story of their own. The receipt Ben got said "iPad run over by car, car won."

Crazy. Remarkable. Astonishing. Again, a HUGE sigh of relief.

FYI, I don't tell this story to embarrass my husband, but to document all the amazing tales of our crazy lives. I share with permission. I'm sure this story will bring laughs and laughs for years to come. At least I hope so. And as long as we never again drive with the iPad on top of the car.


Farley Smiles said...

Jordan just walked in and saw the picture and said "whose ipad is that?" when I said it's Ben's he said "that's sad, really sad!" I do think it is a great story though, I laughed out loud when I read the part about finding it in the exact same spot!

Katie said...

I had to learn the hard way not to EVER put ANYTHING on the car while loading up other things. Years ago when I was packing up to leave Ricks College to move to Provo, I stuck my glasses on top of the car while I loaded my armful of other stuff. Yep, drove off with the glasses on the roof. Came back about 5 min later and found the case...obviously run over...and no glasses! They must have been so demolished that the pieces blew away in the lovely Rexburg wind. To make it worse, they were brand new glasses/frames that I had just spent over $300 on! I just cried...and did my best to drive to Utah and see clearly through my tears without my glasses!

Beck Family said...

I just went to Apple last week and got a new cord for my computer totally free. Its actually a service they provide for all their customers. If is within the year of buying it they will replace parts for free. Its pretty awesome. If your IPAD is over a year old then you really lucked out.

Funny story. Right after Ry and I went to the county building to get our marriage license we went to the car. Ry put his wallet and marriage license on top of the car so he could kiss me and congratulate me on being his soon to be wife. Well it must have been a good kiss because we both forgot about what was on the roof. Luckily we remembered before we got too far away from the building. When we turned around to get it we saw the wallet unharmed but our marriage license envelope had a huge tire mark over it. We kept it just for fun. We hoped it wasn't an omen of things to come . . Good times!!

Beth's Blue Blog said...

Amazing story! maybe the 3rd ipad's the charm! :)