Monday, December 27, 2010

Report Card Awards

Meilani received the Superintendent's Honor Roll this trimester for meeting the grade level standard in all academic areas. This is her and her principal (her teacher had her prep during the assembly). Meilani is a hard worker and I'm so pleased that her effort pays off. She is having a fabulous 4th grade year.

Eli and his teacher, Mrs. Ruiz-Gutierrez. Say that five times fast (As a side note, I asked Eli at the beginning of the year what he called his teacher, assuming she went by just Ruiz, or just Gutierrez, or R.G., or something. He looked at me like I was dumb and said "Mrs. Ruiz-Gutierrez". Ah, of course!). Eli also received an award for receiving outstanding marks in the area of lifelong learning on his report card. Can you tell by the picture that Eli and his teacher love each other?! Eli loves going to school, and is so diligent in always trying to improve and challenge himself.

Kindergartners don't get awards for their report cards, but Sariah is doing very well too, and Liam, much to my surprise sometimes, is having a great Joy School year. I'm extremely proud of my kids and so glad that they work hard to do well in school.

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