Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas, Take 2

Although we didn't get to some of our usual Christmas traditions, this month has been jam packed with fun Christmasy events. Maybe I'm finally learning not to over commit my family!

Liam as the Wise Man in His Joy School Nativity play. The Joy School Nativity show is one of my favorite Christmas traditions. I don't know what I'll do when I don't have a preschooler in the house to keep this tradition alive.

Our class has been learning that the very best part of Christmas time is giving of yourself in the form of service. These cute three year olds did their Nativity play and sang songs to some "grandmas and grandpas" in a nearby convalescent home. We also extended invitations to meet with the missionaries from our church. The residents LOVED visiting with the kids.

We had an encore showing at our Joy School family party.

Ben taught Meilani to crochet this month during one of our hang-out-at-home-and-relax days.

I did a TON of baking. We made homemade marshmallows to give as party favors, and for Ben to give to all his staff, then cookies to pass out as we caroled to our entire ward with the other bishopric families.

Here's us caroling. It took three solid nights, and we visited 87 families. It was quite the undertaking, but was fun in the end and touching to sing of our Savior's birth to our ward family. We sounded pretty good too! One night, all the little kids (8 in all) picked up on the harmonizing the bishop was doing and majorly scooped "King" in "Let earth receive her King," to the point that there was virtually no melody, especially since us adults were cracking up so much we could hardly sing!

While trying to crank out the cookies one morning I sent the little boys to the backyard to play. Liam kept calling me saying "look at Seth, Mom." To which I replied with the usual "Just a second, I'm busy." When I finally came to look, I realized I should have let the cookies burn, as Seth was precariously perched on the teeter-totter. I went to take him off, not wanting him to crash to the concrete. He threw a fit, shaking his head no, and gripping the handles for dear life. Liam's such a nice big brother, from Seth's prospective anyway. I am glad that they are starting to play together instead of Seth getting in the way of whatever Liam's trying to do. I just hope Liam can find safer things to do with him!

And these two have been inseparable lately. They get along so well.

We had a White Elephant/Ugly Christmas Sweater party (although I felt silly in my Grandmom's sweater, as very few people came in their Christmas ugly). The Coles brought the best White Elephant gift, a monkey high chair, and the Schenks got stuck with it.

Brandi, my co-host friend, Emma, and me.

Engstroms, Slacks, Larsons, Coles

Jeff and the Clarks. Erin kept getting everything she opened stolen.

The Mills got stuck with the infamous velvet Christmas picture. They weren't here the year it was introduced, and didn't know to avoid the large rectangular package. John said he'll bring it in working order next year. We'll see.

The Basilius'

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