Monday, December 6, 2010

Cousin Time

For Thanksgiving break our cousins came to town. Ben's brother Tom, and his wife Mandi also have five kids, nearly the exact ages of our five, so for ten days we had four adults, and ten kids under one roof (kind of like 5 sets of twins!). The week passed amazingly quickly and the kids had so much fun playing together. Tom and Mandi are incredibly funny and us big kids enjoyed some good belly laughs in the evenings when the kiddletts went to bed. We wish our cousies lived closer, or that Colorado and California were only 30 min away. It was a great visit! We love and miss these guys terribly!

Kalea and Meilani 9, Keani 6 months, Jackson and Eli 7, Seth 1, Liam 3, Kai 4, Sariah 5, Jett 2 A bunch of cuties!

We were quite the spectacle at the movie theater. We took up an entire row! Megamind: 32 thumbs up!

Mutti and most of her grand kids. They all love story time with Mutti.

Baby Keani

Snowing . . . at the Bass Pro Shop. I'm sure they loved us breaking in their Christmas decorations!

At the Park

I think Tom almost threw up!

Inseparable boys.

Mandi and Jett. We all walked from one playground to another and didn't realize we left Jett at the first playground. Mandi ran back to find him. He was chillin' on the slide.

We did a lot of this. If you want a good laugh, go here, then here. Okay, okay, and here.

Every night, the boys slept in our "hideout" closet in the bathroom.

We walked across the Golden Gate Bridge.

Seth rode across.

At Fort Point in S.F.

Ben and I went here a lot when we were dating.

At Mimmie and Tompa's park.

Seth and Keani

Jett and Liam (Jett's not a fan of posing for a picture, so this is the best I could do.)

Meilani and Kalea

Eli and Jackson
Seriously, I think they look so much alike. They even sound alike!

Sariah and Kai
These two have very similar personalities.

Saying goodbye. When we came in the house we were all sad to seem them go, but Eli was downright distraught, bawling his eyes out.

Family time is the best time


Amanda said...

How fun to have your family visit! I love having family get togethers. So I have another video for you if you like the Bed Intruder video. The Youngs actually showed me the one you have on your blog. But my cousin had shown me the one I just linked. Hilarious!!!

Manda said...

So many Foberts! I love it! I had no idea Tom and Mandi had 5 children also! That's so much fun. Thanks for sharing!!

Fobert Family said...

AWWWW...I just love the pictures you took! You are so good. We had so much fun. You captured some great moments. I love the laughing picture! Good times!