Wednesday, December 1, 2010


This year, we had Thanksgiving at our house with both sides of the family. It's great to be able to have all our loved ones gather under one roof to celebrate. It was a very relaxing day, especially considering we had 10 kids, 4 dogs, and 15 adults in attendance. We are truly thankful for the blessings of family.

All the kids, mine, and my niece and nephews, helped make these little table decorations with their fingerprints.

Our feast. The dumplings and Tom's stuffing were the highlights for me.

A little pre-dinner piano lesson.

The Thanksgiving Masterminds (wahahahaha), inspecting the birds.

Sariah opted for the leg.

Kid table! Meilani and Kalea, being the ripe old age of 9, were too mature for such juvenile seating arrangements.

The kids, well, most of them, sang us a few Primary songs for our after dinner entertainment. The great-grandmothers were tearing up. It was precious.

Ariel photography by Ben . . . Ha, ha, ha, He's not THAT tall!

The tryptophan taking hold. You might need to enlarge this picture to get the full effect.

Angel, soaking in the love.

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