Monday, November 8, 2010

Seth is 1!

We had the usual family dinner to celebrate Seth's birthday. Seth LOVED being the center of attention and was so cute, smiling and cooing at everyone. He's suddenly become much more "talkative" and has a lot to say. Lately he's started pointing to things and babbling on, telling us all about what he sees. He is still a very happy baby. I can always get a smile out of him, even when he's upset or cranky. He loves to give hugs, open mouth kisses, adores being tickled, and can snap his fingers (for REAL! sound and all). He enjoys being read to, and is always up for playing outside, as long as his sibling-playmates come with him. Watching Seth grow this past year has been an absolute joy. I love him beyond measure. I can't imagine our family without him!

The traditional first birthday cake eating (not his first time tasting cake though!).


Steeling some sugar. See Ben checking me out (wink)?

Grandmom helping Seth to the onion dip.

First time eating with a fork.

Seth loved the cards almost more than the presents! He kept collecting them all and then would walk around the room showing them off.

Opening presents.

New shoes! Seth kept putting his feet up in the air wanting Ben to put the shoes on.

New ride on toy. We hid it in the spare room, thinking Seth would forget about it, so that we could finish opening the rest of the presents, but he knew right where it was, and ran straight for it.

New clothes. Seth carried the hangers around to everyone, showing off his new duds.

New blanket.

New book with animal sounds.

The "grown-up" table. Meilani is 9 going on 29!

Eli and Ryan

Uncle Seanie

Titi and her boyfriend Jared

Cousin Sammy and his girlfriend Sylvia

Abba and Mutti

Papaw and Grandmom (and Princess)

Grammy and her grand-girls.

Auntie Lisa and Ben

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Sare said...

Danelle, I probably haven't told ya lately, but you are so dang gorgeous! And such an awesome mom. And I want that chore board (but my kids don't really "get" chores yet, so maybe next year that'll be their Christmas present (ha!). And Seth, oh my word...I don't know if it is his head, his cheeks, his sparkly eyes, or that smile, but he is one of the cutest little baby boys I have ever seen (and I wish you lived out here so I could see him, and you, more).