Monday, March 15, 2010

Daily Randomness

The many faces of Seth. Isn't he so cute!

He found his toes, and mmmmmm-mmmm, they are tasty!

Trying out the new teeter totter. Ben and I even tried it, and it's way fun!

I got out the baby toys last week since Seth has quickly become a "grabby gertie" (not sure where that phrase comes from, but my family uses it all the time!). I got Seth in his seat to head out the door, and while my back was turned, Liam and Sariah packed him full of toys for the trip. They thought we needed to take all of them with us.

Seth was okay with it! Don't his eyes scream "ahhh, thank you sis and bro?"

Munching on the teether. Oh yeah, this is the life!

Liam wanted waffles while I was feeding Seth. He put them in the toaster and when they popped up I said I couldn't butter them until I was done feeding Seth. Liam said "I can do it by myself." and he did! He's an ingenious problem solver eh?

Meilani received a metal at the awards assembly last Friday for winning first place at the Science Fair. When she went back to her seat, she passed her metal down the entire row so each of her classmates could see it. Her teacher commented on how kind her gesture was. I replied that as the oldest of 5, she knows how to share. Glad those skills are transfering to the classroom!

The other day I went to a different Walmart than I usually do and as soon as we walked in Sariah asked "Mom, do you have your camera?" I replied in the affirmative and she said "Can you take it out so we can take a picture with that guy?" (our Walmart is Ronald free). I obliged. We didn't even eat at McDonald's that day! I think the people passing us in the store thought we were lunatics.

Liam and Sariah couldn't decide who got to sit on Ronald's lap, so they each had a private photo shoot with the creepy, germ infested, statue.

Sariah and Eli had opening day for Little League. I tried to talk Sariah into some hair bows. She wouldn't even wear them on her shoes! I think baseball will be a good fit for my girl.
Last week after baseball practice I was complimenting Eli on playing well during practice, to which he responded: "Yeah, I can't wait for the games to start, cause we get treats after the games. I love the treats, that's why I wanted to play baseball again, ya know." When he saw my mouth hanging open, and my eyes glaring at him, he added very quickly "and I really like to play too, Mom!"

The kids and I walked to the park with my dad the other day. Liam rode the whole way back to Grandmom's house like this.

Papaw got a workout on the way back. I remember riding on my Grandad's shoulders all through Disneyland when I was that age.

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Riquino Family said...

Very cute pics!

What program did you use to make that first collage picture? That is fun!

I guess it is a right of passage for kids to sit on Ronald McDonald's lap....I think we have all done it, as creepy and germ infested as that is!