Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fire Station Field Trip

Last week our Joy School class (plus Liam) went to the Mountain House Fire Station. It was a blast! The fire people (we met men and women firefighters) were so wonderful with the kids, and we got a lot of attention as this particular fire house is on the slow side. The Joy School kids have been learning about goal setting, so the firefighters shared with the kids the goals they had to set to become a firefighter. Then the kids each took a turn telling what goal each of them is working on. Sariah wants to learn to tie her shoes. The firefighters thought this was funny since their shoes have zippers. Since Liam's not in Joy School officially, we didn't set a goal for him, but when it came time for his turn to tell the firefighters his goal he said "to color on paper." Firefighter Laura gave me a confused look and I clarified: "as opposed to the walls!" We all thought it was so funny that Liam came up with that, on the spot, all on his own. And if you've seen my walls, or know Liam, it's a fitting goal!

The gang, on the back of the fire truck.

Liam trying on the helmet. He was so happy to be there, part of the Joy School class. He'll do great when it's his turn for school.

Sariah was so spunky and outspoken on this trip. She was really excited and the first to yell out an answer or to volunteer. She has a mean stop, drop, and roll!

Spraying the water in 38 degree weather.

Captain Doyle asked Sariah what her favorite part of the firehouse tour was (we've been before). She picked climbing on the fire engine and spraying the water. I don't think the firefighters were planning to spray water this day, but obliged for Sariah!

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Katie said...

I loved Liam's goal! So funny.