Thursday, January 14, 2010


Last night Ben asked me if I'd updated the blog yesterday. I said "no, why?" He said "You were just way into it, and now you haven't posted in a while." Just to clarify, it's only been 11 days. I'm still "way into it" but, as I explained to Ben, I've been up to my eye balls in paper cutting this week in preparation for Meilani's "crafting" birthday party tomorrow. I must say though, that I'm so flattered that he cares about our little corner of cyber world! A lot of the time I think Ben thinks that I spend way too much time doing stupid things (often on the computer) that really are a waste of time, and I suspected that, perhaps, my new blogging hobby would fall into that category. I'm glad it hasn't, and that he's pleased with my efforts. Here's an update for you Ben (like you don't know what we do everyday). XOXO!


Anne Waite said...

Love the updates too!!!

Sarah Junsay said...

I thought that when I started our blog that Joe would think the same thing...that it's one more thing to do on the computer. But he often chastizes me for not updating more frequently. He loves looking at the blog at work! Who knew!! Glad you're keeping it up! Thanks for the visit last week too...we sure do miss you guys!