Sunday, December 6, 2009

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

A few weeks ago we were at the mall, and surprisingly, Santa was already there, even before Thanksgiving! We had an impromptu visit with the ol' guy since the lines were non-existent and the children semi-cooperative.
Here's the cute one with the kids happy and smiling.

Here is the hysterical one that more accurately depicts our photo op experience with Saint Nick. I couldn't stop laughing at the shot and the gal ringing me up couldn't understand why I wanted to keep this pose. To me this is a classic representation of a trip to visit Santa! Meilani looks bored to tears, Sariah's like "huh, what are we doing?" Seth's eyes are about to roll out of his head. Eli looks like he just ate something sour, and Liam was terrified of Santa and could only be coaxed to a stool in front after getting a bell necklace as a peace offering. To top it all off, you can't even see Santa!!! Ah, Christmas memories made. Tis the season!


Sarah Junsay said...

The pictures are hilarious! But my question is: why were you at the mall with 5 kids? Was there an emergency? Or are you that good to do that? I'm hesitant with just my 3 boys. You ROCK Danelley!

Danelle said...

Ben was with me! I'm not attempting suicide!