Wednesday, November 18, 2009

2 Year Old Mischief

This morning I thought Liam was playing in the backyard with Sariah but when she came in alone, I knew there was trouble. I found Liam on my bathroom counter paining his toenails. I suppose he felt the need to perform this feat in the nude, although I can assure you he didn't learn that from me!!! I wanted to scream but laughed and snapped a photo instead. Usually the polish is in a locked cabinet. I left it out after a nylon repair on Sunday. Blame it on lack of sleep. At any rate, I'm thankful that nail polish remover will take the polish off the counter top, and even more thankful he didn't make it to the carpet, however; I do know how to get nail polish out of carpet as well. Chalk it all up to parenting experience I suppose.


Corinne P. said...

Thank goodness for nail polish remover! Why is getting in trouble always so much more fun for them in the nude? It is like they have given up all inhibitions for a fun day. It does add to the charm! :)

Fobert Family said...

HA! Too much fun is being had at the Fobert guys crack me up. I hope I can manage everything as awesomely (new word?) as you are.

Aimee said...

At least he only painted himself. Once Lily painted Alison's arms, legs and face with nail polish, it was kids nail polish but still just as hard to clean off.