Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Merry Christmas

Christmas morning is always magical.  I love being just our little big family together. We kept thinks super simple this year in an effort to remember more fully the real meaning of Christmas...and to keep our house from being overrun by garbage.
Santa brought each child 1 toy and a stocking, which was mostly filled with socks.

The anticipation!

Ruby got her first baby doll, which she was thrilled with.

Ammon got a Jake pirate ship.

Seth got Frozen barbies.

Liam got a remote controlled helicopter.

Sariah got a longboard.

Eli got a tent for scout campouts.

and Meilani got a shellac nail kit.  She was expecting a phone, which is why she looks less than thrilled.  Later she told us she was fighting back tears.

Sweet Ruby girl, loving her stroller!

Sibbling gift exchange.  My favorite tradition.  Meilani got Eli headphones that exceeded the required budget, but she wanted him to have nice ones and kicked in extra from her own hard earned cash.

Eli bought Ammon a tent.

Seth opened his gift from Sariah prematurely, so she wrapped up a brick to teach him a lesson.  It was hysterically sad.

Then she brought out the real gift.

Liam got Sariah some crazy ball.

I didn't get pictures of the rest but Ammon bought a jewelry box for Meilani and Seth bought a transformer for Liam.

From Mom and Dad: the coveted phone...well, mom's refurbished one anyway.  Now there's the smile.

Blocks for the little boys.  Paper was flying and I didn't get everything but it was so nice to have a low key morning together.

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Stephanie said...

It's been forever since I've looked on my blog, let alone anyone elses. It's fun to see your kids! You guys have such a beautiful family. Hope you are all well! Love, Stephanie