Thursday, March 19, 2015

Rise and Shout!

BYU came to town to play Cal.  Our good friend is on the Alumni board and hooked us up with tickets in exchange for help at the Alumni BBQ.  We were happy to oblige!

Sariah and I were sign wavers, helping all the Coug fans to get to the right spot.  Lessons from that day:  Cougar fans are nice, polite, and friendly.  Even the lds Cal fans stopped to say hello and even took some pics with us.  Cal fans on the other hand...well, I hate to make rash generalizations, but there were more than a couple people who made really rude comments about us "drinking the kool-aid" and such.  There were a few nasty comments that I won't post here.  In the end, GO COUGS!

Eli and Meilani helped with face paint during the tailgate party while Liam and Ben covered will call and security.  The game was really exciting.  We only took the big kids because we knew it would be a long day.  We weren't sure how Liam would do because he's kind of squirrely at times, but he was engaged and loving the big kid time with Mom and Dad.

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