Wednesday, November 26, 2014

October Happenings

I love when little kids line toys up.  Ammon made a car/box line up after a Costco run one day.

This is how I get my Sunday church lesson planned.  Liam was on Ruby duty.

Ben borrowed a red Mustang convertible for the Mountain House High School Homecoming parade. He tried to tell me it was our new car.  Riiiight.

Our bookends.  Sweet sissys.

These two like to snuggle in the Costco cart.  I missed the moment but Ruby had her head on his shoulder.

This little sucker staying busy while I got my hair cut.

Homegirl learned how to climb on the table all byherself.

These boys had a bake sale to earn money for scout camp.

This is what an $800 Costco shopping trip looks like.

Meilani's 8th grade volleyball team.  Go Panthers!

Puddle jumping on Halloween.

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