Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Girls Camp

I finally got to go to Girls Camp this summer!  It was really great to be there with Meilani.  She's a little Girls Camp obsessed and I now understand why she loves it so much.  I had a unique assignment for the week which was really challenging however, despite the difficulties I encountered each day, I was so thankful for the time away from the frantic shuffle of regular life.  I think it's a combination of being out in nature, the fact that there's no cell service, and the incredibly strong Spirit up at camp that contributes to such a profound experience for the campers and leaders year after year.  Getting to camp was really tough.  I was called to go somewhat late in the process and had mentally prepared myself not to go, so when the call came I had to shift things around mentally, and had to wean Ruby from nursing a few weeks sooner than I'd originally planned.  During the time leading up to camp our Bishop became more acutely aware of the intricacies of our crazy schedule and told Ben that he thought he should release me as Young Women President.  That thought was pretty devastating to me.  Bishop shortly thereafter told me that he'd basically decided to release me but while praying felt strongly that instead he should send me to Girls Camp.  I'm thankful for that inspiration and the opportunity I have to serve and to have my own Spirit filled as a result.  My emotions felt a little close to the surface during camp as the Spirt was almost tangible and I enjoyed the thinking space to reflect on the blessings in my life and seek inspiration to the challenges.  The chance to connect with amazing women who share my values and beliefs was an added bonus!  All in all, a wonderful opportunity I hope to repeat!

Meilani in her cabin.  This was her second year and her leaders were impressed with her dorm room like space and all the preparation she put in.  They said she had everything a camper could possibly need and shared it all with everyone.  Love my girl!

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