Monday, January 27, 2014

Seth's Party

Sethie turned 4 on November 2.  He had been anticipating his birthday party for months, even making "invitations" for his friends out of scraps of paper on several occasions.  Quite infatuated with his prince costume, we hosted a slew of princes and princesses at our castle for some cake, crafts, and fun.  I think freeze dance was the big hit and the kids loved spending time together.  One little girl who's family was moving out of state later that afternoon was pretty distraught that all her princess dresses were already packed up so I saved the day with one from our halloween box.  Chicken nuggets and fruit snacks rounded out the menu and royal fun was had by all.  It was a blast for me to watch Seth with his friends.  He was in his element and loved entertaining.  He's quite the social butterfly and his daily concerns include the next time he'll get to see his friends.  We love this little my little pony, princess loving fireball.  He adds spunk to every day and is quite opinionated and dramatic these days, especially when he doesn't get his way.  He still loves a good snuggle which is good news for me since I can hardly stand how fast he's growing up!

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