Thursday, July 11, 2013


March 13th we had our ultrasound.  This baby was the least cooperative I've had as far as ultrasounds are concerned.  Let's hope it's not a sign of what's to come!  The tech had me get up and go for a walk a couple of times in attempt to get the baby to change position so he could get the measurements he needed.  On our last little jaunt down the hall we ran into a friend from church who dug through her purse for some hard candy for me.  The little sugar rush did the trick and we found out that we're having a girl!

The ultrasound tech showed Ben the shot and asked him what he thought.  After 7 kids, we're practically professionals at correctly reading gender on ultrasound.  We're pretty excited and since our little miss didn't let us get all the measurements we needed I got to go back for a second ultrasound a couple weeks later where they confirmed again that she really is a she.  Pretty quickly we settled on the name Ruby.  Ben's secretary suggested it and it just feels right.  We've never agreed so quickly on a name and the kids are affectionately calling her Rubs, or Wubs, as the case may be.  We already love this little sweetie!

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Farley Smiles said...

I love that name, I wanted to use it for Eden but Sam was not interested. I can't wait to meet her somtime!