Thursday, April 25, 2013

Valentine's Day

Valentines Day was lovely this year.  Ben sent me a beautiful bouquet of roses with the sweetest sentiment.  I guess he paid a little extra to make sure they were delivered first thing in the morning, but I ended up being gone all day and didn't get them until the afternoon.  Oh well.  I enjoyed gawking at them for more than a week after Valentines Day.  I sure love my husband and the beautiful life we've created together.  We are a perfect match, not perfect individually, but perfectly complementary, compensating for one another's struggles and weaknesses.  I feel so blessed, and blissfully happy to have such a strong supportive and empowering man by my side.

For dinner we ordered Chinese take out and threw together an impromptu fancy Valentine dinner in the dining room thanks to a quick trip to the dollar store for some hearted paper products.  I found it interesting that the kids seemed to think eating a Valentine meal in the dining room was suddenly a tradition since we'd done it only once before.  I love that they treasure those little traditions and time together as a family.  FYI, a plastic table cloth, disposable dinnerware and takeout makes for the fastest and easiest clean up!  That part will definitely be a tradition for years to come!!!

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