Thursday, February 28, 2013


I am so behind in my blogging.  My husband recently accused me of abandoning our family history, which I took offense to.  Our computer's been on the fritz and I haven't been able to access anything from our external hard drive, which is where I store all our pictures, for quite some time.  Add extreme fatigue and nausea to the equation  in addition to all the regular chaos of our insane schedules and the result is a lack of blog posts.  I've been feeling guilty about it, wondering if I should just call it quits all together.  I noticed the other day that I've kind of stopped taking pictures too.  But then recently I was reminded, nudged by the Spirit maybe, about a priesthood blessing Ben gave me at the beginning of the school year.  In it I was encouraged to continue to maintain my family's history and promised that in the midst of my busy life I'd be able to find the time to keep up with it.  So, alas, here I am, attempting to catch up and better maintain our family's daily happenings in our corner of the internet.  I'm not sure if anyone's even reading my little updates anymore.  I know that when my schedule became more full a year or so ago, I stopped checking in on my google reader.  Everyone's on Pinterest and Facebook instead now, but I guess that's not why I write here anyway.  Don't get me wrong, I'm tickled when I get comments, and thankful that our far away family and friends can peek in on us regularly, but the look on my childrens' faces when they peruse the hard bound books I've had printed from this little blog just about makes my heart melt.  They LOVE to look back and remember our adventures, and the comical things that have happened.  So I guess I sit here, typing while the baby naps, and while Seth catches up on Dora, for me, and the love of my family.  Because we are pretty great, and although the days are long, the years are short.  I want us to forever treasure the love and struggle and laughter and triumphs together.  And now I'm crying again...thankful that my computer is kinda working, in safe mode, but enough to finish of my blog entries of 2012, and begin again, recording the journey of our lives in 2013.  The editing will be non existent, and the pictures probably blurry, but this is us.  Here we go.


Farley Smiles said...

I still check in on here and I'm glad you're back here! And I say just don't stress about order or missing something just get going where you are at now and then every once in a while add something from the ones you never got to. It's too overwhelming to do it all at once. Oh and by the way, even if you don't check your reader, I hope you check my blog every now and then, I'm expecting you to know what is going on in my life!!!!!! I'm so excited about your recent news and I hope you are past the worst sick part now!

Corinne - Copyright 2013 PontiusFamilyUpdates All Rights Reserved said...

I still check in sometimes! I know what you mean though, not very many people blog anymore but I keep doing it for the same reasons. Good luck with pregnancy and blogging!

The Life of Chickens said...

I was INCREDIBLY behind on mine for a long time, too. Mainly because I wanted to block out the last year or so of my life. but, then I remember...regardless of how pretty it is (or isn't), it is still our life and the kids are still growing up and living it to the fullest. It's worth it in the end...And I still peak in :-)