Thursday, May 3, 2012

Liam's Party

Liam chose a Superhero theme for his birthday party this year.  He originally wanted to do a movie party but I was concerned that 3-5 year olds would loose interest in watching a movie rather quickly.  As it turned out, a Superhero party was a perfect fit.  The mini hero's decorated capes, tested their agility in an egg on the spoon walk, used their super strength on the pinata, played pin the mask on the superhero and hero in the middle, and fought of evil villains with silly string.  We then all refueled with some rainbow cake.  Hero's save the day, hence the rainbow...get it?!  While we were all mad dash cleaning before the party, to get ready for 20 preschoolers to arrive, Ben said, "Someday our kids are going to say 'My mom threw epic birthday parties...and my dad tolerated them.'"  I hope my kids enjoy the parties I throw, and I'm glad Ben tolerates my insanity.  I've learned a few tricks along the way (like don't bother moping the floor before the party) and am now more relaxed about the celebrations because I've learned to simplify.  I remember painstakingly cutting out foam masks for days when Sariah had a hero themed party.  By the end of the party the masks were scattered all over my house and no one wore them.  This time, we just went with the plastic table cloth capes.  I sure love my kiddos and love seeing them feel special as they celebrate with their friends.  I think birthday parties teach valuable lessons to children and even though we sometimes don't get around to celebrating until a month late, I'll keep whipping up some festive gatherings, just don't look at my floors while you're here.    

Here's the invite.  The one I failed to print in a timely manner and sent via email to all my friends who so kindly sent their kids over for a party anyway despite the last minute notice.  After posting this on facebook in attempt to upload the picture to Costco so I could print it poster size for the pin the mask game, someone pointed out that I spelled superhero wrong.  Luckily 5 year olds can't read yet, and their mommys' are too polite to mention my mistake.  Either that or my friends can't read either.  They're probably as tired as I am!

To the Rescue!

Egg Walk

Hero in the Middle

Testing out their super jumping skills.

Pin the mask on the hero.

Our Evil Villains.  Sariah and Eli were so eager to volunteer for the position.  They even put together the all black ensembles on their own.

I took a picture with Liam and each of his friends as he opened their gift.  Seth had to get in on the photo op action.

This time we opted for Costco cake rather than bake cupcakes.  We had company the day before for Easter and I was spread a little thin.  Liam picked out the rainbow cake.  There weren't any superhero themed ones in the fridge at Costco!

The girls

For the last year, every time we've gone to the grocery store and seen the pinatas hanging above the beverage isle, Liam's asked if he could have one for his birthday.  We finally delivered.  

After the party Ben's family came for a visit.  Here's Ammon snuggling with Mutti.

Mimmie and Ammon

Seth showing off his new umbrella to Mutti and Kevin.

I saw Tompa fiddling with my camera at one point during the day.  I found this, and a few others, on my camera later that night.  I love this guy!  He's so funny.

Mimmie and Tompa and (some) of their great grandkids.

Abba on Ammon duty while we put the other kids to bed.

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Very fun pictures of the family! :) (I don't know why that previous comment I made says "Anonymous" because it was me.) :)