Thursday, May 10, 2012


On a trip to the mall recently the kids begged for some fake glasses.  Meilani bought her own along with some new accessories with a gift card from her birthday.  Eli, Sariah, and Liam used some money they got from Mimmie and Tompa to partially purchase their new eye wear.  We agreed they could owe me chores to make up the difference.  I still haven't collected  yet.  Anyway, here are some of my crazy glasses obsessed kids.  

I know she's growing up because she's quite concerned with her appearance these days.

Eli loves wearing Ammon in the backpack.  Isn't he the cutest nerd you've ever seen.

Sariah bought a pair of pink glasses but managed to talk Liam into letting her wear his shades as they matched her outfit.  This girl has some style.  We went to the store last week to get some new pants (every single pair she had was shredded on the knees) and she insisted on this logo tee.  I hate logo tees.  I'm a plain solid colored tee kind of girl, so this little rag-a-muffin throws me for a loop every time we enter a store.  Several months ago she really wanted a shirt at the gap outlet.  Shopping with three little boys is not at all pleasant so I took Sariah back another evening by herself and let her pick out a new outfit.  She does end up with mostly hand-me-downs after all.  When we left, that girl was a walking GAP ad!  She didn't want any cute trendy outfit, she wanted the sparkly shirt that said GAP...along with the matching hat and sweatshirt!  Funny girl.  You can't say she doesn't have style.  I love that she knows who she is and how she wants to look.  Even if it means she resists boring tee shirts and bows in her hair.

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