Monday, April 2, 2012

New Beds

I'm way behind in my blogging, but about a month ago, we made a bed switcheroo in our house.

After Seth took a nap in Liam's bed for several days in a row, we finally conceded that it was time for a big boy bed.  Sethie likes his new sleeping space.

 Ben moved the crib into the girl's room (there's no room for the crib in the boys' room) and the girls begged for us to put Ammon to bed in there the very first night.  I was planning on keeping him in our room for a while longer, but he's been sleeping through the night consistently, so we gave it a try.  With the help of his thumb, it was a success!  I've never had a thumb sucker before!  Not sure what to do, because I don't want him to get too attached to it, but it is pretty dang cute, I must say.  I confessed to Ben that I missed having Ammon in our room with us, but alas, all babies must grow up, dang it!  We're so spoiled with this boy.  We lay him down awake, and he falls asleep all by himself!

The girls finally got the bunk bed they've been waiting for.  Bed time is so much easier for these two now.  With their own separate spaces out of eye shot of one another, the nighttime drama has decreased considerably.  They were both tired and cranky when I took this picture, but they both love the bed.    

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