Friday, March 16, 2012

Our Big Ol' Van

 After looking at vans a couple weeks ago we decided to hold off on buying one until we were in desperate need as the cost was prohibitive.  The very next day a lady in our ward at church called to tell us that the Oakland Mission was selling one for a steal!  Alas, meet Elephant, the newest addition to our big ol' family.  We knew eventually we'd be needing one of these monstrosities, and we couldn't pass up the opportunity.  The mileage was extremely low, the price far below market, and it wasn't white (I didn't want another white van)!  While wanting a giant van is somewhat trivial, I can't help but feel like the Lord always provides.  Lately I've been struggling with what to do when I drive the youth to church activities since Ben also needs a big car because he's got all our kids.  Elephant is the answer to my less than important prayer.  I know even our little concerns are important to our Heavenly Father.  I now am in the Mormon Mommy club!

 Our first day with Elephant was also crazy hair day at school.

 Seth...still attached to the Minnie Mouse skirt.  He calls it "halloween."

A typical morning headed to school.  I'll spare you the picture of me in my pjs!

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