Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Family Home Evening

Our church encourages us to have "Family Home Evening" every Monday night.  A college roommate of mine once told me that she attributed her family's success and gospel commitment in adulthood to FHE.  Hearing that made me commit to FHE even before we had kids.  For a long time it was a battle to get the kids to cooperate.  We struggled with consistency.  Now though, they all look forward to it and don't let us forget. One time recently the kids insisted we hold FHE on a Friday night after skipping it on a Monday holiday.  It feels good to have FHE be a regular part of our week.  I think our family is stronger because of it.

Seth "reading" the scripture. 

Sariah bearing her testimony. 

A game about how our choices are connected to the way we feel. 

Seth conducting the music with a wooden spoon. 

Eli had a melt down this night.  He chose not to have dessert by not eating dinner.  A perfect example for our lesson on agency!  Consequences for our actions!  Most FHE nights at least one person looks like this, but we plug along and cling to the promises of prophets that our family will be fortified through our efforts and obedience.

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April said...

We've had a major turn around with FHE by letting the kids be in charge! They plan the entire thing. Carmen and Aliza take turns each week who does the lesson and who chooses the activity. Charlotte is always the song person. They generally pick an article out of the Friend, or come up with something all on their own. It's not perfect, but everyone participates and there is less chaos! We'll stick with this plan while it's working! Oh, they always set up a podium with the stool and a wooden spoon tapes to it as the microphone for whomever is conducting. It's fun!