Thursday, February 23, 2012

3 months

Our sweet Ammon hit the three month mark!  We love him so much!  He's wearing size 12 months, no exaggeration, has big eyes and even bigger cheeks of which I can't stop kissing.  He gives belly laughs when you tickle him on his collar bone, loves to stand when we hold him, and makes lots of loud baby babbles.  Life is great with this little fella.

 Laughing his siblings having a spontaneous dance party.  Love the milk tongue.  

Trying out the bumbo.  


Playing with Seth at Meilani's basketball game. 

 Trying out those legs.

 This is how I get dinner made.

Ammon's examples.  Such cute boys. 

Morning smiles

Sleepy head

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Katie said...

haha...I love the one of how you get dinner made ;) I have to ask my big kids to help with the baby too just so I can get dinner done lol. Ammon's such a cute little baby :)