Friday, November 11, 2011

The Calm Before the Storm

Waiting for a baby to come is like watching water boil.  It was a long couple of weeks.  Here's how we passed the time:

Seth continually got into michef and made messes I was physically too drained to clean up.  Here he is stiring up salt and pepper on the counter.  He emptied both salt and pepper shakers.  At least it was (mostly) in a bowl.  Thank goodness Ben always came to the rescue in the evenings just in time to restore order to our home.

Grammy came out on several occasions to help with the kids.  She's always a life saver and laundry do-er.

Last Sunday I was exhausted and really wanted the kids to get to bed so I could rest.  My tired frustration turned to ammusement as Ben and I laughed at the kids' nightly antics.  We enjoyed a few silly moments together.  The last moments, as it turns out, before our newest arrival made his appearance.  Sariah tried to yank out her loose tooth.  Ben assisted, as usual.

Seth tried out the baby's craddle, surfing with the rocking motion.

Meilani assisted in a couple dance numbers.

Eli showed of his handstand skills.  We did manage to brush teeth, read the scriptures and pray amidst the display.  As we sent the kids off to bed my heart was full of gratitude for the gift of motherhood.  I was content and in love with the kids who bring my life so much crazy fun, a feeling I'd been missing as of late, due to the physical and emotional challenges of a lingering pregnancy.

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Megan said...

I love your family!!