Wednesday, July 13, 2011

4th of July

Ben was in our little town parade again. The kids love riding with him in the truck, and although Ben was not in favor of digging through the Halloween costume box, what's a parade without Uncle Sam, a USA cheerleader, and Superman? After the parade we bbq'd at our house for lunch.

Meilani and Auntie Lisa Meilani didn't want to ride in the parade this year.

Meg and Jared, the newlyweds

My girl and me

Meg and me

Janet and Grandmom

Abba brought over some fireworks for us to set off. I have fond memories of sitting in my grandparents driveway watching the men set off fireworks in the street for us kids. The tradition lives on.

Mutti and Abba

Our patriotic boy!

The gang watching the show. After our little display, we watched the real thing in the backyard. We have some crazy neighbors I think.

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Beth's Blue Blog said...

i love that picture of seth with the flag! he could be on a poster or something! and too bad they didn't spell "Fobert" right, right?