Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring Concert

Eli and Sariah had their Spring Concerts at school. Eli loves his music class. He gets a little shy when it comes time to perform, but loves to sing and was impressed with himself that he learned a song in Japanese.

Sariah's class was up first, and we were really late because Sariah couldn't find an acceptable pair of matching shoes. We got their just before the singing began and her teacher squeezed her in the front row. When I tucked her in at night, Sariah told me that she was not in the right spot at the concert, that she was supposed to be in the top row, and that she was so nervous about being in the wrong spot she almost cried. I'm glad she could hold it together! We call that a lesson in flexibility. An important life skill I think. She sang her heart out, a good portion of the time with her hands on her hips!

Sariah and her Kindergarten teacher, whom we adore!

Last week Sariah was the student of the month in her class for "Making Wise Choices." Her award had her school picture on it from the beginning of the school year and I couldn't believe how much she's changed and grown up in such a short amount of time.

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