Thursday, March 3, 2011

School Happenings

On Eli's birthday, Meilani had her first violin concert. She said she messed up. We couldn't tell. I spent most of the time out in the hall where the little kids enjoyed running and sliding on the slick school floor. Seth kept hugging a random little girl so hard that they kept falling to the floor. In the process, he split his lip open. After the concert we went out to eat and had the worst service ever. It took over an hour for us to get our food and all the kids were crying and overtired by the time we left. Note to self, next concert night, drive thru!

Worst Mother of the Year Award, Exhibit A:
Sariah had a little play at school, a reenactment of "The Little Engine that Could." She was part of the big strong engine. She practiced her line at home "I am big, I am strong, I could pull a big rig too, I do not pull the likes of you, Humph," and was so excited for me to be there to watch her. Her class' performance was due to start at 8:35 am, per the flyer that came home. I rushed into the cafeteria at 8:37, just as the the show came to a close. I missed the whole thing! Apparently, the play went much quicker than the teachers' had planned, and they went right on to class number two at the conclusion of the first show, rather than waiting for all the parents of the students in the second show to arrive. :( That, and I confirmed that the clock at my kids' school is a good five minutes fast. I had suspected as much, but verified it in my angry frustration during the third showing of "The Little Engine that Could." I know it really doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things, but I really want to be there to support my kids even in their little moments of glory. In my mind, that's one of the biggest perks and responsibilities as a stay at home mom. Seeing all the working parents in the front row with video cameras in record mode, I felt like a failure. I couldn't bear to tell Sariah I'd missed her show, so I snapped a quick pic as her class paraded off the stage, then found her in the crowd and said "Good job, honey."

Happy to see me!

Liam thoroughly enjoyed his Joy School valentine party. He devoured all the candy while watching a show when he got home. I love preschool valentines. Hand made scribbles of love!

Meilani entered the Science Fair at school. This year she tested to see if a hamster (Squeakers in this case) would run a maze faster during the day or night. It was fun conducting the experiment. Much less fun doing the write up.

Today was crazy hair day. Dr. Seuss, do you have any idea the phenomenon you've created? Meilani sported "who" hair, and Sariah requested a mohawk.

Using some "mommy money" Sariah bought these monkey-playing-a-pink-guitar earrings she fell in love with at the mall. She does kind of rock the rocker chick look!

Eli was too mad to pose for the picture. I snuck this rear view shot. He couldn't find his backpack this morning and was angry that I wouldn't let him take Liam's backpack to school. That's called natural consequences my friend! He was sportin' the square tufts mohawk for today's festivities.

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Corinne P. said...

8:37 is pretty darn close to 8:35- who would have thought that it was going to be that fast! And I know what you mean about school clocks- always off time!