Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Liam!

Liam turned 4 last month. He keeps saying "I'm big now, cause I'm four." And he is. Physically, he's practically a giant, just like his daddy, and I hear from my fellow Joy School teachers that he's pretty mature at preschool (which is still sometimes a surprise to hear). Liam is a bundle of energy. He is affectionate, playful, and loves his friends. With the three older kids at school, it's been a joy to get to spend some quality time with Liam this year. He's really growing up and changing before my eyes. He seems to have lost most of his "baby chub" and is excited by new experiences and challenges everyday. We love our boy!

10 Fun Facts about Liam:

1. This kid loves baths. He cries and whines to take a bath at all times of the day and NEVER says "no" when one is offered. He specifically likes my bathtub, filled practically to the brim so he can "swim."
2. Liam's favorite color is pink. Yes, you read that right.
3. He loves to help cook. Cracking the eggs and stirring are his specialties, but he's even content to just watch when I'm not in the mood for help.
4. Liam loves to be read to. I always am done before he is.
5. Playing outside is great fun for Liam, but only when he has a sibling or playmate to keep him company.
6. His favorite show is "Max and Ruby."
7. Liam says almost daily that he's going to marry Aliza, his friend that moved away last summer.
8. Liam has a very mature palate for a four year old. Of all our kids, he's the one who will try, and usually like, "grown up" food (ie, Indian food, hummus, shrimp, things that are spicy).
9. He must have really strong bones because he drinks chocolate milk like it's going out of style.
10. Liam loves going to school, and asks every morning if it's a Joy School day. When I say that it is, he says "Yes! (with an arm swoop . . . you know, he makes a fist, and pulls his elbow down to his side), I love Joy School."

For Liam's birthday outing with Mom and Dad, we ventured to Super Franks, kind of an indoor arcade/playground for little tykes. We were short on time, and money, and the weather's been wet, so we squeezed in out little trip during one of Ben's furlough days while the other kids were at school. Not wanting to have to get a sitter for Seth, I asked Liam if Seth could come with us on his outing. He replied "YES! Seth didn't get an outing for his birthday, so he can come to mine." What a nice big brother. Liam said his favorite part of the day was playing the arcade games, and winning purple vampire teeth with his tickets (a while back Liam actually stole some vampire teeth from a friend's house. I think my friend might have thought I was crazy when we showed up on her doorstep to return them--like who wants slobbered-on vampire teeth back? We had a good lesson in honesty that day). Liam rode this plane several times. Simple pleasures I guess. Ben said it looks like he's drinking and driving! Those are his tokens in the cup.

Seth was not such a big fan of the rides once they started moving. He much preferred playing on them whilst they were holding still. The day after this little trip, Seth brought home a little token of his own from Super Franks: the stomach flu. More on that to come. I don't know that we'll venture back to Super Franks again.

On his actual birthday, we had a little party at McDonald's with Liam's buddies. Liam LOVES to hang out with his friends. He's quite social. Wonder where he gets that? Aren't those cupcakes beautiful? I was pretty proud of them. I could eat the cream filling by the spoonful!

In the McDonald's play place. Amazing we didn't get the flu from that germ pit!

Enjoying some nuggets with his homies!

Sammy and Liam are both February birthday boys, so we celebrated family style.

Two birthday blondies

New "fast runners" from Papaw.

Rubber snake

New duds

Floor puzzle

Meilani made this sign for Liam. He has it hanging above his bed in the slats of the bunk bed. Too cute, and so true.

Liam was convinced Auntie was getting him a ride-on power wheel car. I assured Liam that Auntie couldn't afford that, and Auntie had to clarify with Liam that she would find a green car for him, but not one he could ride on. He settled for the remote control variety, and was quite thrilled.

Uncle Sean feeding cake to Seth.

Sammy got a massage chair. We all had a turn. I think I'm the most tense in the family. Sammy always seems shocked at the knots in my back. It's not like my life is stressful or anything!!

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Katie said...

I took the kids to Chuck-E-Cheese for a treat a few weeks back...made the mistake of ordering the pepperoni didn't taste quite right, but I thought, well it's Chuck-E-Cheese so it's not exactly high-quality day we were all sick with a stomach bug...I'm convinced it was the pepperoni...probably not refrigerated properly or something with all the teenagers working there! We won't be back for some time although my kids beg me to take them back even though we all got sick...I think they just want to ride the rides. Those kinds of places are just bad news as far as germs go...but I think becoming a mom has made me a little's such a pain to have a sicky bug go through our whole family...I'm sure you understand :)