Monday, February 14, 2011

Eli's Baptism

Eli turned the big 8 at the beginning of the month, and was baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Saturday, February 5th. It was a glorious day! Eli was so excited to be baptized. On the way to the church, I asked him if he was nervous, and he said "no." He was totally ready. Recently I was talking with one of Eli's former teachers and she used a word to describe him, that, I think, fits Eli perfectly. Earnest. Eli is earnest. He is eager to obey, to please, to show love an acceptance to those he meets. He really is an example to me and to his peers. I love this boy and am so pleased with his decision to follow the example of our Savior Jesus Christ. After he was baptized, Eli was given the Gift of the Holy Ghost. During the blessing, Eli was encouraged to live close to the Spirit; to be an example; to have a desire to take upon him the responsibilities of the priesthood; to have the courage to continue to share the gospel; to have the desire to serve a full time mission, and that he will serve and teach thousands; to go to Heavenly Father in prayer; and to communicate with all people at all times.

The baptism was beautiful, and very emotional for me. I felt an overwhelming peace in the knowledge that families are forever. I felt a spiritual confirmation that as a family, we're doing well to set our children on the right path. It was very comforting for me since I worry constantly that I'm not doing enough to teach and prepare my children for the challenges and trials of mortality.

The newest member of the church!

Our "little" (ha, ha, ha, we look little if we stand close together!) family,

Ben, me, and our first born boy.

The whole family, there to support Eli. He is so loved. After the baptism, I heard Auntie Lisa say to Eli "You are the kindest child I've ever met." It's true.

Ben baptized and confirmed Eli. He even got to give him his baptismal interview.

In their baptismal whites. Funny story (of course!). Ben assumed there would be a white jumpsuit at the church that he could wear to perform the baptism, but when we got there, the jumpsuits were all way too small. Ben had to squeeze into a pair of pants that were too short (see above), and then had to wear the white shirt he'd worn with his suit. He was a little soggy in the sleeves during the drive home!

We had family dinner at our house after the baptism. At Costco the day before, I let Eli pick out a cake for the occasion. His choice: Super Bowl cake. To find the humor here, you have to know that we are not a sport watching family AT ALL. Last year, Ben and I didn't even know it was Super Bowl Sunday until we turned on the news when we went to bed. I tried to talk Eli into the generic "Happy Birthday" cake but he was sold on the football one. Can't blame him. Apparently we were rooting for the Steelers! PS, I still don't know who won the game!

My cousin Sammy jumping all the little kids on the trampoline. They were in trampoline heaven. I think Sammy slept well that night.

New shoes from Papaw.

His own scriptures and hymnal.

CTR (Choose the Right) ring and dog tags.

Blowing out the candles. Go Steelers!

Grandmom and her first great-grandson.

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