Sunday, July 4, 2010

Goodbye Goldie

Last week Eli's beta fish, Goldie, died. Ben and I knew it was coming for a few days because prior to his passing, he was laying on the marbles at the bottom of the bowl, only fluttering a little when we tapped on the bowl. Goldie #1 was a gift to Eli from Santa two years ago, however the original Goldie took an unfortunate swim down the kitchen sink while the hot water was running, when Dad was attempting to clean out his bowl. Ben told the kids that he swam out to the creek behind our house, and as consolation, we bought Goldie #2. In my opinion, a single fish, in a little bowl, is the best kind of pet. They are fun to look at and feed (when I remember), don't make messes, or noise, and are easy to care for. I'm thinking there's a Goldie #3 in our near future.

Eli was quite distraught! He stopped blubbering when I went to snap the pic of him, but he was majorly carrying on!

Sariah was beside herself! Their reactions actually surprised me, and as usual, I found a great deal of humor in their tears!

We had a lovely service for sweet Goldie in our teeny tiny 1/2 bath. Everyone said what they loved about Goldie, and every two seconds, Liam tried to flush him prematurely. It took some effort, but Ben and I managed to keep straight faces. Goodbye Goldie. Thanks for being a great pet!


The Trumpsters said...

SO HILARIOUS! I too find humor in their tears in situations like this- that's why we're such great friends!

Katie said...

The kids looks soooo sad! I think you'd better go ahead and get Goldie #3! My kids were bugging me for a fish not too long ago, but I just didn't want to deal with cleaning the bowl...then they switched to begging for a puppy so I really should have just gotten them the fish! They are easy pets compared to other animals. Luckily, we just moved into our new house, and our next door neighbor has a little puppy that my kids can play with...problem solved! And, I don't even have to clean up after him!

Familia Lopez Padilla said...

We lost a fish last week too "Gojar" - Michael thinks he went "Bye Bye" to Hawaii with Pop (grandpa). I have NO idea why he thinks this. . . but, I went with this option. .. how do you explain a dead fish to a two year old? It was a rough week for goldfish last week (well, unless they really DID end up in Hawaii!)