Monday, April 26, 2010

Girls' Night Out!

Last weekend I got together with some of my favorite gals for an impromptu birthday dinner for my neighbor buddy April. April decided she'd rather have a night with the ladies, rather than a date with her hubby (David actually watched his kids, and mine too!), and I'm so glad she did! Ben was at the Jr. Prom and I was ever so happy to have somewhere to go. Cheers to great girlfriends! "Wifeness" and motherhood would be a great deal more difficult without the love and support of good girl friends. Can I get a "holla" for the ladies?

Some of my most "trusted advisers!"

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John and Stef said...

"HOLLA"!! I love you ladies too!! We really are SO lucky to have so many great ladies in our ward. What would we do with out each other?